Advertisements in the October 22, 1931 version of the Ellsworth News


October 22, 1931

Advertisements in the 1931 newspaper

Busy Bee Restaurant, operated by A. B. Miller

Pay to read the Ellsworth News.

Williams and Peterson Store

J. N. Brattebo sells Flour

Doctor Weaver, M.D.
lived and his office in the Henderson House
Phone number 8

Attorney R. G. Remley
in Webster City

Dentist N.  C.  A.  Berg
office in the second floor of the
State Bank Building
Phone number 75

Need a Notary Public?
see George A.  Hanson

O. S. Berg,
for Hauling of all kinds,
and sales of windmills and pumps.


These were advertisements published in the October 22, 1931 edition of the Ellsworth News.


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