Buggies, the Livery, and Early Cars

Chris Christenson and Hal Keesee are seen at an earlier Livery Barn with the team and dray wagon ready to pick up freight to haul to the railroad station for shipment.

It was in 1911 that Jesse Johnson, owner and driver of his team with a new rubber-tired buggy, had this picture taken at his father's farm, later the farm of Philip Hemphill.

The earliest automobile in Ellsworth was in 1901, when Will Hanson drove a car from Linsing, Michigan to Ellsworth.  It is told that in order to secure gas for the operation of his car, he had to siphon gas from a barrel.

Early Cars

This 1908 Buick was owned by Dr. E. W. Slater of Ellsworth, later of Jewell.
Two local boys are riding with him.

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This Ellsworth image of an early car is from a postcard.

Early Tractor

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This 1908 photo of area farmers with a steam tractor
indicates "Happy" Andrew Thompson at left, and Otis Anfinson in the center.

The Livery

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The Ellsworth Livery Barn, located at the south end of Main Street, on the west side

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This structure would later be used for use as the Ellsworth lumber yard.

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