July 28, 2018 meeting of the Hamilton County Historical Alliance

Minutes of the July 28, 2018 Hamilton County Historical Alliance Meeting
at the Williams Public Library

Secretary Report
Present:  Bob Frederick, Jackie Frederick, Janet Adix, Linda Wild, Loween Getter, Billie Shelton, Alan Spohnheimer and his sister Cheryl.
Next Meeting is October 20 in Blairsburg.  10:00 am, probably in the Old Opera House.

Agenda for next meeting will include election of Officers.
Roll Call:  Historical Building in your town
                 Participants discussed older buildings in their communities and
                 their past uses and present uses if still standing.
                 It was a very interesting discussion.

         Discussed Jane Young house in Webster City, homes (mansions) on Wilson Avenue.
Minutes from the last meeting was read and approved.

New Business:
         Janet shared that an article will be published in December that will include information on Air-Electric Machine Company of Ellsworth that made wind-chargers.  We are still looking for a wind-peller that is still up and running other than the one between Jewell and Ellsworth. 

Submitted by Linda Wild, Acting Secretary,
in the absence of Secretary Debra Caudle Chavira
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