July 17, 2019 meeting of the Hamilton County Historical Alliance

Minutes of the July 17, 2019 Hamilton County Historical Alliance Meeting
at the Randall City Hall

Secretary Report
The Hamilton County historical Alliance met Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM in the Randall City Hall. Present were:
     *Representing Randall: Linda Wild, John Halleland, Darrell Henderson 
     *Representing Stanhope: Wayne Romp, Billie Shelton
     *Representing Webster City: Loween Getter
     *Representing Ellsworth: Janet and Stan Adix 
     *Representing Jewell: Dick Steffen, Bruce Johnson, Alan Spohnheimer

The following topics from each community were discussed:
      Randall - Linda shared with the group a picture of the former Randall Creamery, which she has recently mounted for display.  Discussion ensued.   Darrell invited attendees to visit his building across the street from the City Hall to see historic items he has on display there.

     Stanhope - Billie and Wayne reminded all about the upcoming Watermelon Day (Saturday, July 20, 2019) and passed around copies of event fliers.    Wayne also announced that he has been working with Webster City on the Wilson Brewer Park project.

     Webster City - Loween discussed events at the Jane Young Home, including the Bridal Exhibit which opened in June, and the fact that the facility has seen some 300 visitors since opening in February.   She also updated the group on the Boone River Valley Legacy Learning Center.   And finally, she announced that some railroad tracks have been installed in front of the old depot, and there are plans to display a caboose on them once it has been moved into place.

     Jewell - Dick updated the group on recent acquisitions received by the Jewell history Museum, including a set of scrapbooks celebrating the  1964-1965 Shout Hamilton girls’ basketball season.   Bruce updated the group on the museum entrance-improvement project, and on the Museum’s open hours.   Alan shared some Randall memorabilia with the group.

     Ellsworth - Janet and Stan passed around a copy of a 1974 edition of the South Hamilton Record-News in which there was an article describing a hailstorm which caused much damage in the community and in surrounding areas.

Other discussions - News of new buildings being constructed in Randall:
     *New business on Main Street
     *New home being built near the old school bldg.
     *Discussion of the history of the Randall Bible School
     *Randall Lumber Yard bldg. will become an antique business.
     *Violin Repair business soon to move to Randall from Ames

Farmsteads of Hamilton County - 
     *Alan indicated that there should be an effort to document these farmsteads and/or the barns which are or were on them.
     *Janet discussed publications available in Ellsworth which have much of this information which could be a good starting point.

The meeting ended at 11:00 AM

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