October 29, 2022 meeting of the Hamilton County Historical Alliance

Minutes of the October 29, 2022 Hamilton County Historical Alliance Meeting
in the Stratford area home of Mary Jo Johnson

Secretary Report
The Hamilton County historical Alliance met Saturday morning in the Stratford home of Mary Jo Johnson.  Present were:

     *Representing Stanhope: Wayne Romp, Billie Shelton
     *Representing Webster City: Loween Getter
     *Representing Stratford: Mary Jo Johnson 
     *Representing Jewell:  Jackie Frederick,  Bruce Johnson, Alan Spohnheimer, Dick Steffen

Minutes - Minutes of the July 17, 2019 meeting were reviewed.

Preliminary Discussion - Attendees spent a few minutes “catching up” with each other, since the last meeting was three years or so ago.

Community News:

     Stanhope - Billie and Wayne, as well as others in the group, discussed the ongoing 
           Stanhope Depot project, and The “Tavern 17” restoration project.

     Webster City - Loween discussed the current vintage clothing display at the Jane Young Home.   She also updated the group on current restoration and conservation projects in the community, especially the Wilson Brewer Park project, on which Wayne has also been working, and the Bowden Family gift which, along with County help, could result in a facility in which all communities can have displays.

     Jewell - Dick shared some artifacts found in the Jewell History Museum which would better be placed with some of the other Hamilton County communities.   Jewell representatives updated the group on improvements to the Jewell History Museum, and on plans to institute a series of presentations of historical significance.   Alan shared some historic programs from Hamilton County Music Festivals concerts.

Other discussions:
     *Dragoon trail signs: it was note that these seem to be deteriorating
     *Informational brochure/flier/rack card:  discussion as to the desirability of having such items sto distribute to area visitor centers.  Loween indicated that she’s had experience developing such items for the Jane Young House and could help with this.
     *Possibility of the Alliance working more closely with the County Supervisors.
     *Contributions made by Hamilton County African Americans such as Don Graves and Maurice V. Esters.

The meeting ended at 12:00 AM

Next Meeting:
Saturday, January 28, 2023, at 10:00 AM at the Jane Young House in Webster City.



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