June meeting of the Hamilton County Historical Alliance

Hamilton County Historical Alliance Group Meeting – June 18, 2016
Stanhope Public Library, Stanhope, Iowa

Secretary Report
Those attending: 



Wayne Romp - Stanhope
Pat Juon - Stanhope/Randall
Jackie Frederick - Jewell
Dick Steffen - Jewell
Janet Adix - Ellsworth
Alan Spohnheimer - Ames
  • Dick Steffen - told of the purchase of the church in Jewell for the cities museum.  He had a poster board with pictures of the existing exterior and interior.  He told of what was planned for renovation:  handicapped accessibility, selling of the pews, up dating the electricity.  The historical committee had received $5000 from the Jewell Centennial Fund to get started.
  • Wayne Romp: told of the storage of the Stanhope artifacts and papers.  Those in attendance viewed the volumes of South Hamilton Record/News papers that he had bound.
  • Alan Spohnheimer: took over the meeting with a list of “Wants, Needs and What Ifs”.  Each item on the list was discussed.  List attached below.  Also, Alan showed links to several local informational pages that are on the Ellsworth Museum Web Site.
  • Janet Adix: Invited everyone to the “Open House” Saturday, June 25th,  at the Ellsworth Museum from 9:00 - 11:00 for Ellsworth Extravaganza. 
  • Discussion was held as to when the next meeting would be held and where.  Nothing was decided at this time.  To be announced later.



    Meeting adjourned at 11:35.
    Janet Adix, Temporary Secretary

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