January 2017 meeting of the Hamilton County Historical Alliance

Minutes of the January 21, 2017 Hamilton County Historical Alliance Meeting

Ellsworth Public Library, Ellsworth, Iowa

Secretary Report
Hamilton County Historical Alliance met at Ellsworth Public Library on Saturday, January 21, 2017. The meeting was called to order at 10:02 am. There were 17 in attendance.

    Roll call theme was ‘How was your town named and who was it named for?’.    Members from each town reported on the theme question.   The minutes were read and approved with a motion by Johnson and a second by Steffen.   Constitution Articles were discussed, and some changes were suggested. Changes will be made, and it will be reviewed again at the next meeting.
Discussions and Information Sharing:

  * Rebecca Mines spoke about the Hamilton Hometowns brochures that she had put together. Sources were History of Hamilton County, 1995 edition, and the 1912 Lee’s edition.  Some changes were made to the Stagecoach and mills brochures. Rebecca encouraged members to get information to her on any changes that might need to be made, and also to attain information to be able to cite resources.

  * A donation has been made for a project that would involve signs being made and posted at locations listed in the brochures. They would have information about the locations. A committee is currently being formed. 

  * Jewell museum has received 3 grants. Electrical system has been upgraded. Furnace and air conditioning system has been checked out and it is working well. Carpet has been cleaned. One of the bathrooms in the basement is being upgraded. A contractor has examined the building in order to provide a quote for making it handicap accessible. A grant request has been submitted to Enhance Hamilton County. They have church pews for sale for $175 each.

  * There is a screenshot of contact information under ‘Links’ on the Ellsworth History website. Alan will delete whoever does not want their contact information on it.

  * State Association Preservation of Iowa Cemeteries (SAPIC) meeting will be held at the Randall city hall on July 8.

  * Rebecca will be starting work on a brochure of Hamilton County country schools.

  * An idea was shared about publicizing a request for pictures and articles of historical interest, either for donation or for scanning and returning. Anyone that would like to have contact information with the article may do so, others may have them contact city hall. It was suggested a policy be in place with guidelines as to what will be accepted. Legalities of accepting donations were discussed. Information was shared.

  * Ken has access to several items that would be beneficial for archiving and can be used if needed.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:03 AM.

Next Meeting: Saturday, April 22, 2017 @ 10:00 AM – Montgomery Memorial Library in Jewell

Submitted by Debra Caudle
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