Miller's Cafe

Miller's Cafe on Main Street

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Miller's Cafe on Main Street


Verd Miller Again in Cafe Business at old location

(Ellsworth News article from December of 1949)

Verd Miller is in the cafe business in Ellsworth again.  Mr. and Mrs. Verle Reynolds have owned the cafe since early last spring.  In July, they purchased another cafe in Des Moines, having a couple operate it.  Finding it necessary to take charge of this business personally, they offered the local cafe to Miller, and the deal was closed by mail.

The Millers went to Phoenix, Arizona the middle of December to spend the winter.  Verd returned here Saturday, coming up with Ivan Hill in the Ivan's car.

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      Miller took possession of the cafe Sunday.  He owns the building in which it is located.  However, he and Hill plan to return to Phoenix in a week or so.  In charge of the cafe will be Clifford Grund and Grace Swenson.  Grace has worked for Mr. Miller for a number of years, and had continued work at the 400 cafe in Jewell, which Miller formerly owned, until last week.

Behind the counter, left to right, are Mrs. Emil Olson, Grace Swenson, Verginia Ballentine, Agnes Miller, and Verd Miller.  Others who worked in the cafe are Mrs. Arend Tjarks, Mrs. Henry Hulsebus, and Frances Olson.

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Miller's Cafe is mentioned in this newspaper ad from September 4, 1924.

This news article published in the Ellsworth News on October 9, 1924
explains why Miller Cafe advertisements in 1925 told of Ice Cream, sherbets and more.

Miller's Cafe ad from January 1, 1925

Miller's Cafe ad from January 8, 1925

Miller's Cafe ad from March 4, 1925

Miller's Cafe ad from July 2, 1925

A Miller's Cafe ad is seen in the 1942 EHS Yearbook.

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