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Our City Park - 1942

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A group of good people got together and purchased the Ellsworth Park with one check (seen above).  Mr. Snow, a former Hamilton County Superintendent of Schools owned this block of Ellworth and consented to have it purchased by this group of people.  Mr. Snow allowed it to go for the taxes owed.

Otto Lande, Mayor, 1942

     A park for Ellsworth is now a realization.  Mayor Lande and the town council have been negotiating with the Hamilton county board of supervisors for several months for the possession of a block of county owned land in the north part of town, and late last week the officials were notifed that the deal is ready to be completed. 

The block of land is on the east side of main street, a block and a half north of the Lutheran church.  The purchase price from the county is $150.00, and a ditch assessment tax of approximately $18.00.

On Monday of this week, Gaylord Rorem and Mayor Lande made up a subscription list which the latter circulated among the business men and at the present time almost $200.00 has been raised for the purchase of the ground and for the work that will need to be done to get the park started.  The subscription list is still open and the mayor urges all who wish to contribute to call at his store and register their names and the amounts they wish to give.

The park will cost the taxpayers nothing.  The cost of the land and the improvements at present, will be made by voluntary contributions of cash and perhaps at some time in the future by labor donations. 
With everybody in town behind this improvement, Ellsworth in a few years will have a park equal to any in this part of the state.

(The text above is from "The Ellsworth News" July, 1942)


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