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1918 - Ellsworth people serving in World War I

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1918 photo of World War One Band

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 Edd Lindebak in uniform

The following materials come from the June 27, 1918, issue 
of the local newspaper, The Ellsworth News.

Many Ellsworth area men fought for their country in World War I.

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William Lundeberg           James Allen              Knut Haugland           Oscar Lyders
Frank Banks                  Barney Holt               Franklin Gregor         Silas Sogard

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  Oscar Olsen      Carl O. Olson          Roy Ahrens           Royce Keesee    Olaf K. Fjetland

                          Martin Reisetter   Armyle Jacobson       John Hia       Peter Johnson 

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Ernest Eittreim         Oren Eittreim
Chales Christensen      Peter G----- 

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Archie Peterson     Ollie Peterson
George Olsen     Sarah Olsen

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Selmer Hesmer     Henry Fjetland
Gaylord Lenning      Kenneth Igou 

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Helmer Anfinson     Martin Thompson
Irwin Williams         Jess Banks 

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   Russell Ober                 Harold E. Erickson                 James E. Wright

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Silas Narland                Holden Reisetter               Arbert Finkenhagen

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"Harl"                                 "Art"                                     "Ding"

If you wish to read what the newpaper wrote about these soldiers,
then either click images to enlarge, or go to the Library to see the 1918 paper yourself.

The veterans display board in the History Room of the library 
lists additonal veterans of WWI who are not included in the newspaper article seen above.


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