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Ellsworth in the mid-1920s

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Ellsworth's Main Street looked busy in the mid-1920s with lots of power cables and some cars.
There was also a sign in the middle of the street that gave the advice Keep to the right.

The fine building on the corner was probably the most photographed building in Ellsworth.
Both windows say, State Bank of Ellsworth.   See a 1955 news ad for the Ellsworth Bank.

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The East side of Main Street

Miller's Cafe ad from the March 4, 1925 Ellsworth News paper

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(Click this Ellsworth News header to see advertisements published in that issue.)

(Click this Ellsworth News header to see advertisements published in that issue.)

1925 EHS Football Team

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The following rticle from the September 17, 1925 Ellsworth News:

Coach A. R. Johnson is having a real time to get his football team into shape.

       Last year's quarterback, fullback, right halfback and right end were left vacant by graduation, and these positions seem to be hardest to get into shape.  The line this year will be heavier than last with a few big men in it Captain Sexy, C. Ringstad, possibly Merlin Westwick,M. Allen, C. Kullberg, A. Ringstad, G. Prescott, H. Pearson and others.    The back field will probably be made up of 0. Hamre, L. Olson, C Ringstad, M. Westwick, L. C. Johnson.

      In spite of the fact that a few heavies graduated last year we expect to have a heavier team this year, so come out and see the Webster City-Ellsworth game on Saturday.

from the September 24, 1925 Ellsworth News:


       Ellsworth High school was downed in the first game of the season at Webster City Saturday by the mighty aggregation at the county seat town.  The score was 45 to 7.   While Ellsworth had a much lighter team than Webster City, most of their defeat is laid to poor passing, the opponents making four touchdowns on intercepted passes.  The game gave the local high school men a good workout as only the eleven regular men were used in the game.
       The squad this year is composed of but fourteen men, while Webster City had better than fifty men to choose from, and played twentyeight in the game Saturday.   Ellsworth got its touchdown in the last quarter at which time they were going strong and making long gains.  The first home game was played Tuesday at Oak Park as a feature of the I. O. O. F. celebration.   Jewell was the opponent and the teams were evenly matched, the game resulting in a scoreless tie, 0-0.
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1926 - Postcard view of Ellsworth Main Street

1929 EHS Basketball Team

From the March 29, 1929 Ellsworth News

Sioux City wins over Ellsworth - Ellsworth High School's basketball team was defeated last Thursday evening by the East Sioux City High School team in the first round of the state championship meet at Iowa City.  The final score was 24 to 17, in favor of the Sioux Cityites.

The local boys put up a mighty good scrap during the game, but as Sportswriter Peterson of Webster City says, "Fate walked in," and fate decreed that Ellsworth should lose at this stage of the game.  The Ellsworth fans, and the many outside friends of the team, are, however, very well pleased with the season's record of the team.  Losing only two games of regular season's schedule, the team set up a mark that speaks well of the playing ability of the members of the team.


Ellsworth in the 1930s
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