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This ad was published in the Ellsworth News on April 25, 1934.

These two advertisements were published in the January 3, 1934 edition
of The Ellsworth News.

Buy your winter grade gasoline at Dalbey's Service in Ellsworth.

1936 advertisements

article from the November 25, 1937 Jewell Record:

    The Record is informed that the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Company is seriously considering the matter of taking off the gas-operated passenger train that now operates through Jewell east and west.   The reason given by the rail company for the considering removing this passenger train is that it is losing money.


Images from the 1939 EHS Yearbook

In 1939, the Ellsworth High School Band marks the end of the first year!


The 1938-1939 Ellsworth High School Girls Basketball team

More Ellsworth in the 1930s
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