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A 1950s look back at Ellsworth, Iowa

photo from perhaps 1952
Looking east-northeast at the Ellsworth Depot after the second story had been removed

    The Ellsworth Depot, built about 1877 in the early settlement known as Callanan, was brought to Ellsworth (probably during the 1880 winter season) to become Ellsworth's railroad Depot.

    The depot was originally a two-story building with the station agent and his family living on the second floor until 1951, when the depot was remodeled and the second floor portion was removed.

The article seen at right was published
                    in the Ellsworth News on July 4, 1951:  - - - - - ->

Northwesten Depot Is Being Remodeled

    A crew of workmen started work Monday morning remodeling and modernizing the C. & N. W. Railway company depot in Ellsworth.

    The second story of the present two-story structure will be torn out and the roof lowered to fit over the first floor, converting the building into a modern one-story railroad depot.

    The freight room at the east of the depot will be removed, and the freight department will be changed to the west end of the depot.   A wide door and a dock will be installed in this portion of the building to handle freight loading and unloading of the NorthWestern trucks, and for the convenience of the railroad's customers.

    Agent W. H. Rash's office will occupy the east portion of the modernized building.

    New cement foundations, cement floors, new siding, insulation, and a painting of the building in a neutral color will complete the attractiveness of the remodeled structure.

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This aerial view of Ellsworth (perhaps from the mid-1950) looks northwest.
The railroad track and Iowa Highway 175 are both visible at the bottom of this image.
The Ellsworth depot can be seen at the extreme left front corner of this photo.

1952 - EHS Basketball Team

In February of 1952,
the Hamilton County Boys Basketball Tournament was held in the Ellsworth gym.

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The team was working hard.

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 The team was playing rather well, and Coach Art Ollrich made a deal with the boys
that if they could win the tournament, they could cut his hair.

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And the team won! 

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So the boys gathered in the locker room to cut their coach's hair.

From left to right: Myrle Tjelta, Milford Knutson, Harold Heeren, Lyle Roberts, Mons Teig Jr, Russel Nelson, Raymond Thompson, Mike Kuhfus, Norman Rundle, Dick Rundle. 

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After the cutting, Art Ollrich headed to the barber, Arnt Egnes.   Where to start?

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Looking good, but my hair is much shorter.

(Pictures by Bayard Holt)

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