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A mid-1950s look back at Ellsworth, Iowa

Aerial Views from 1955

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This is a 1955 aerial photo of Ellsworth, facing North.
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This version of the same 1955 aerial view includes many farmsteads located north of Ellsworth.
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This 1955 aerial photo of Ellsworth, faces west-northwest.
Both school buildings and the new gym can be seen.
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Skating in 1955

1955 - Local Election Suggestions

1955 - Trinity Lutheran Church

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This is how the brick Trinity Lutheran Church (which replaced the old church building) looked in 1955.

1956 - A note from the capital of our country

     In October of 1956, the Ellsworth fifth grade class received an envelope from Washingon D. C. that appeared to be from somebody special, because the return address said White House.  The postage stamp even had a photo of the White House.  What was inside this envelope?

Inside that envelope was a note of thanks from President Dwight D. Eisenhower.    The note said;

Your kind birthday wishes mean a great deal to me.
I am grateful for your message and deeply appreciateyour thoughtfulness.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

The 34th president of the United States was thanking the Ellsworth fifth graders for the note
they had sent to help the president celebrate his birthday!

1958 image of the Ellsworth United Methodist Church

To learn more of the history of this church,
go to their website <> and click to the church history pages.

Ellsworth in the 1960s
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