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More 1990s, including the Flood of 1993

Similar to many communities in Iowa, "Ellsworth went All Wet" in 1993.

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City Park shelterhouse

City park view, close to  Dayton Street

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See evidence of the 29 inch water level that was found 
in the basement of the Ellsworth United Methodist Church.

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If it was your duty to deliver the Des Moines Register, the Ames Tribune, and the South Hamilton Record News during the wet days of 1993, what could you do?   Instead of delaying what folks expected at their door, you could just deliver by canoe!   Sara and Wayne are pictured doing that in this photo.

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This image shows the Skunk River, heading South from the Highway 175 bridge.

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the Skunk River, coming South towards the Highway 175 bridge.

1994 - Art Show in the Library

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This shows someone coming out of the Ellsworth Library.
If you don't need to check out a book, can you check out a canoe?

When Sara Spohnheimer was ready to complete her senior year at South Hamilton High School, she had her senior art show in the Ellsworth Library.  She displayed much of her art work there, including this canoe, because she had painted an image on one side.  Because dad's canoe was named Colorado Scorpion, she had painted a scorpion near the front on one side.

Scouting in 1998
Article published February 5, 1998 in the South Hamilton Record News.
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South Hamilton Troop 520 included Scouts from the area including Ellsworth, 
Jewell, Stahope and Randall.
Tiger Cubs
Pictured in the first row: David Cornelison, Duston Rholl, Cody Voga, Nathan Johnston, Cameron Boyd, and Brady Dunn.
Second row: Nathan Wills, Barrent Carlson, Lucas Huisman, Curtis Jensen, Kevin Cook, and Austen Clabaugh.

First Year Webelos Den #1

Danny Ogelsby, Jed Wright, Isaac Rahto, Chris Anderson and Scott Weltha with leaders Veronica Wright and Lynn Anderson.
Absent from photo were Tim Hovick and Jeremy Vestweber.

Lightning Bolt Patrol

Will Dunn, Adam Olson, Tim Herschberger, and leader Rhonda Herschberger.   Absent from photo were Justin Vestweber and Brandon Rholl.
Bear Den
Pictured in the first row:  Curtis, Engelby, Alex Hoisman, Micaiah Erickson, and Shaine Jacobs.
Second row: Cory McFarland, Andrew Haugland, Justin Jensen, Carl Jackson, and Ben Woodman.  And in the third row: leaders Cathy Jacobs and Donna Engelby.

Wolf Den #6

Pictured in the first row: Tristian Robinson, Bret Bell, and Ben Coy.
Second row: Jordan Stangeland, Chad Reidemenn and Jonathan Embrey.
And in the third row: leaders Jerry Robinson and Mary Embrey.   Absent from photo was Kyle Anderson.

Wolf Den #3

Andrew Follmann, Jason Quam, Spencer Hendrickson, Matt Oakland, Jordan Marshall, and leader Mona Follmann.
Boy Scouts

First Row:  Jacob Pergande,  Mike Wright,  Kyle Huisman,  Cassidy Engelby and Corey Anderson.

Second Row:  Leader Alan Spohnheimer,  Scott Sargent,  Leader Deb Sargent,  Kent Spohnheimer,  Josh Johnson, and leader Vergil Johnson.

Third Row: Matt Laube and Jason Caudle.   Absent from photo were Eric Brandt and Scott Noble.


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