Short articles about the man named James Callanan


     James Callanan, the man whose name was used for the first platted town in southeast Hamilton Couny, was often mentioned in the news.  Besides being the president of the Des Moines and Minnesota Railroad, he was also well known as an investor.
This news article was published in the September 18, 1990 issue of Ellsworth Chronicle:

     Mr. James Callanan, of Des Moines, is one of the rich men who is liberal with his money in a good cause;  he has just given a thousand dollars to the business women's new club house.   The house is to cost $5,000.   It is conducted by a number of the leading ladies of the city, and managed by a preceptress appointed by them.   Its purpose is to afford to young women coming into the city a low-priced, yet excellent, home, until they can secure employment: also a home for young women who work in factories, or act as stenographers, teachers, or in other employments that do not furnish them a home.

This news article was published in the September 20, 1990 issue of Ellsworth Chronicle:


     The Methodist hospital at Des Moines has received a generous endorsement at the hands of the Des Moines conference now assembled here.  The attempt to raise $50,000 within the limits of the conference for the institution was approved.  The Methodist hospital in Des Moines will be open to receive patients about the first of November.   This is a great enterprise and the church is taking hold of the matter with an energy which betokens success.   The hospital will not be setarian, but will be open for all who care to avail themselves of its benefits.   No one will be turned away because of lack of money so long as there are rooms available.   Those who are able to do so are expected to contribute of their means for the services rendered by them.

     Rev. J. F. St. Clair of Ames has been chosen by the management of the hospital as financial agent.  The hospital has been endorsed by the conference, and its needs will be met by general contributions.   The hospital property is valued at $50,000.   Mr. Callanan of Des Moines donated $25,000 and $10,000 has been raised during the year.


     In Des Moines, there is a public middle school bearing the name Callanan because it is named for James Callanan, the worker/investor.

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