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Rural and early Ellsworth Images from 1900 and from the first decade in the 20th Century

An early pioneer home and rural residents

A barn being constructed by Holt & Lande Builders

A closer view of the barn building workers

The new electric wires can be seen near the bottom of these two images of early Ellsworth.

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       The 1883 Methodist Episcopal Church was located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Dayton Street and Des Moines Avenue.   On the next page, it is seen as one of the two churches visible in the first aerial photo of Ellsworth, which was taken from the Lutheran Church belfry.   That means that in the early days, Ellsworth had three churches.

Click this header of the 1902 Ellsworth Chronicle to see some advertisements published in that newspaper.

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Threshing with power

Old Corn thresher

Threshing is the separation of grain from stalks and husks.  For thousands of years, grain was separated by hand with flails, and was very laborious and time consuming, taking about one-quarter of agricultural labor by the 18th century.   Horses were used for this machine, but modern mechanised power for this process took much of the drudgery out of farm labor.

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Mechanised corn shelling

Cutting wood with power

This 1908 Buick was owned by Dr. E. W. Slater of Ellsworth, later of Jewell.
Two local boys are riding with him.


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