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The population of Ellsworth in 1950 was 439.

Miller's Cafe

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Miller's Cafe on Main Street



Verd Miller Again in Cafe Business
at Old Location

(Ellsworth News article from December of 1949)

Verd Miller is in the cafe business in Ellsworth again.  Mr. and Mrs. Verle Reynolds have owned the cafe since early last spring.  In July, they purchased another cafe in Des Moines, having a couple operate it.  Finding it necessary to take charge of this business personally, they offered the local cafe to Miller, and the deal was closed by mail.

The Millers went to Phoenix, Arizona the middle of December to spend the winter.  Verd returned here Saturday, coming up with Ivan Hill in the Ivan's car.

Read a short 1920s story which mentions Miller's Cafe.

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    Miller took possession of the cafe Sunday.    He owns the building in which it is located.  However, he and Hill plan to return to Phoenix in a week or so.   In charge of the cafe will be Clifford Grund and Grace Swenson.   Grace has worked for Mr. Miller for a number of years, and had continued work at the 400 cafe in Jewell, which Miller formerly owned, until last week.

     Behind the counter, left to right, are Mrs. Emil Olson, Grace Swenson, Virginia Ballentine, Agnes Miller, and Verd Miller.  Others who worked in the cafe are Mrs. Arend Tjarks, Mrs. Henry Hulsebus, and Frances Olson.

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Miller's Cafe had been in business for many years.

By clicking on the above Miller's Cafe ad, you will see a news article telling why
this advertisement was published January 1, 1925 in the Ellsworth News.

Paving Main Street

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Ellsworth Main Street was paved in 1950.

Ellsworth Girl Scouts Plan for Untermediates
(This news article published March 28, 1951.)

Leaders Plannning
Intermediate Girl Scouts Troop

    A committee met at the home of Mrs. William Brinton Saturday afternoon to plan an intermediate Girl Scout Troop.

    The Brownies were organized one year ago.   A very successful year has been enjoyed by 25 girls.   The girls meet every Monday after school at the Leion hall, with Mrs. Lester Weatherman, Mrs. Pierre Pounds and Mrs. William Brinton as leaders.

    Now twenty-five girls are ready for their first birthday party, and fifteen are ready to "fly up" to an intermediate Girl Scout troop.

   The firt step in organizing a new troop is securing two leaders.

    Sedon, a council of five to assist these leaders.

    Third, the wholehearted support of the parents, for whithout this, the organization cannot succeed.

    If you have a girl of 7 years - through 9 - there's a place for her in the Brownies.

    Nine years, through 13, intermediate Girl Scouts have lots to offer her.

    It is hoped that all organizations interested in youth will give this new movement good support in any way possible.  "The youth of today are the citizens of tomorrow."

    Mothers with daughters interested in Girl Scout, and eligible for Brownies or Intermediates, are asked to please notify any of the committee: Mrs. William Brinton, Mrs. Willard Henderson, Mrs. Ronald Twedt, or Mrs. Carroll Arneson.

    Mrs. Lester Weatherman, leader of the Brownies, will also be happy to answer any questions.


Ellsworth Girls Scouts Honored
(This news article published June 20, 1951.)

Girl Scouts Honored
at Mother-Daughter Banquet
on June 13

    A mother-daughter banquet at Trinity Lutheran church honored the Ellsworth Girl Scouts Wednesday evening, June 13.  The bandquet was sponsored and served by the Deb Hart Club.

    Over 110 relatives and friends were present.   The tables were attractively decorated with arrangements of spring flowers and Pastel favors.

    Mrs. Williams Brinton was toastmaster.   Mrs. C. J. Naglestad gave the blessing and the address of welcome was given by Mrs. Lester Iverson, with rsponse by Joan Weatherman.

    The banquet featured the fly-up program of Brownies to the intermediate scout division.   This number was directed by Mrs. Lester Weatherman and Mrs. Pierre Pounds, and included the presentation of pins to the new Brownies -- Virginia Strum, Bernice Schwiebert, Mary Beth Sather, Judy Voga and Jeraldine Tjelta.   Second year pins were awarded Mary Champion, Carolyn Thompson, Patty Torgerson, Ann Minert, Cleta Lou Iverson, Mildred Hanson, Verona Evans and Nadine Eide.

    In the "fly-up" ceremony each girl repeated the Girl Scout promise as her wings were pinned on her shoulder.   These girls are Jean Weatherman, Minnie Torgerson, Carolyn Strum, Geneva Torgerson, Keo Minert, Ann Sogard, Cleo Torgerson, Janice Hill, Nancy Johnson, Kay Lynn Iverson, Wilma Heeren, Beth Voga and Karen Barkema.

    The speaker of the evening was Mrs. R. R. Bateron of Eldora, member of the Girl Scout regional committees.  She spoke on scouting from the standpoint of both the mother and the daughter.

   Corsages were presented to several during the evening with Cleta Lou Iverson doing the honors.   Mrs. Martha Hovda received a corsage for having the most daughters at the banquet, four; Mrs. Haakon Torgerson for having the most daughters in scouting;  Mrs. Harold Sogard as the youngest grandmother present, Wilma Heeren as the scout selling the most cookies, and Mrs. George Hanson, press reprentative.

    The program was closed y a solo, "Mother," by Lois Jean Sather and the benediction by Mrs. Naglestad.

    The new girl scout year is now starting.  Leaders are: Brownies, Mrs. Lars Tjelta, Mrs. Pierre Pounds and Mrs. Otto Daniher; intermediates, Mrs. Weatherman, Mrs. Russell Voga and Mrs. Arthur Ahrens.


Article published September 19, 1951:

New Ellsworth Gym - Auditorium Dedication Is October 12

At a preliminary meeting composed by representatives for different organizations of  the community, it was planned to dedicate the new gymnasium-auditorium on Friday, Oct. 12, 1951.   A number of committees were appointed to work out the details.  Another meeting is planned for Wednesday night, Sept, 19, following the P, T. A. program at the school building.

It is the desire of everyone concerned with the dedication to accommodate as many people as will be possible to attend the ceremonies.

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This 1951 photo shows Clarence R. Kuhl standing in Kuhl's Grocery.

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