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The population of Ellsworth in 1970 was 443.

1972 Aerial View of Ellsworth

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1972 - This is an aerial view (facing the Northwest) showing part of Ellsworth.
The water tower, two brick school buildings and the two churches are seen.

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Railroad cars are seen between the depot and the many grain elevator towers.
They are in place ready to pick up grain for the market.

1977 Cookbook

1977 Tasting Tea Recipes Cookbook by the Ellsworth United Methodist Church

Preparing for the Centennial

Ellsworth was getting ready to celebrate its 100th birthday in 1980, so the planning began in the late 1970s.

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The DEB HART Club had the project, headed by Merry Iverson, of painting this 4'x8' mural sign.

A plate commemorating Ellsworth's centennial was made.

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A Centennial Book was made, so the Ellsworth community could learn, remember, and celebrate.

The Centennial Story of Ellsworth

On June 22, 1980, the community met together to have a worship service
celebrating the Ellsworth Centennial.

May God bless Ellsworth for another 100 years.

 Ellsworth in the 1980s
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