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1980 - Ellsworth is 100 years old!

The population of Ellsworth in 1980 was 480.

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The Ellsworth Centennial was held in 1980,
so Centennial Pins and Medallions and the Centennial cover seen below were issued.

The following article was published June 19, 1980:
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     Under the photo:  Ellsworth's centennial this weekend points up the fact that there has been a lot of living in the past 100 years.   This wonderful couple stands as a symbol of the stability, love for life and for each other, that exists in this community.  The people are Mr. Perry and Nellie Peterson of Ellsworth.   In 1979 this couple won first place for those married the longest in the county.   Last year it was a marriage of 64 years - 9 months.

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Todd and Sargent constructed the new concrete elevator towers in the mid-1980s.
This is an aerial view of the completed Ellsworth Farmers CO-OP Company plant.


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