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Named after Col. Ellsworth?
more Frame School

1899 Chronicle ads - 1
1899 Chronicle ads - 2

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1900 Chronicle ads  - 2 pages


1902 Chronicle ads

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More 1902 Chronicle ads


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-- the 1900 teens --

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1916 Ellsworth News ads

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More Boy Scout News

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1925 Ellsworth News  ads

1925 Ellsworth News  ads2

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1932 Ellsworth News  ads

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Page 4B - more old depots
1943 Ellsworth News  ads


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Page 5D - More '54

Even More '54

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100 Years Old

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Depot in the 1980s
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Let's Talk Turkeys
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teens of the 2000s

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2015 Water
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2016 Construction

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